About Us


Lee Tebbutt - Owner / Instructor

 Lee is a life long shooter and has been a Professional Firearms Instructor for over 10 years. He is a certified NRA instructor in multiple disciplines, a graduate of the Specialist Research and Training Groups Instructor Course, Advanced Pistol Instructors Course and Patrol Rifle Instructors Course. He is a past Firearms Instructor for Double Tap Defensive Shooting Club and Center Mass Firearms and current Associate Instructor for the SRT Group. Lee is a Kansas Attorney General Approved Concealed Carry Instructor and Expert Class Competitive Shooter with the International Defensive Pistol Association.

Lee is also able to draw on many hours of training from Regional and National Training Schools in Basic & Advanced Handgun Tactics, Close Quarters Combat Skills, Low Light Tactics, Open Hand Combatives, Defensive Vehicle Tactics, Defensive Carbine and Shotgun Courses, O.C. Spray Techniques and Trauma & Emergency Medical Courses . He is a humble student of Krav Maga and he continues to train and advance his skills and knowledge of firearms and self defense at every opportunity.  


Justin Finley - Instructor

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Guest Instructors

While we offer a number of great training opportunities we also bring in some of the top Regional Instructors.  This allows us to offer you a level of training that many of you may never be able to get elsewhere.

We work with a number of Instructors but a few of our regulars are SRT Group and Agile Training.